Thursday, 10 December 2009

UDI The Union of the Women in Italy

The Amphora during the Relay

Before the Italian Republic, was there UDI Unione donne italiane (Italian Women Union) now UDI Unione donne in Italia ( The Union of the Women in Italy ).

This is the most ancient Union of women in Italy ever, created on 1944, a year before the country would choose the Republic instead of the Monarchy, by the women of the Resistance during the World War II. After the referendum UDI was immediately involved in the development of the country for the real presence of women in the politic of Italy, the first political women were also engaged in UDI's activity, they were: Adele Bei, Teresa Mattei, Lina Merlin, Rita Montagnana, Teresa Noce.

UDI expanded its political fight for an equal wage, for the ban of the dismissal of the married women, for the recognition of the domestic work and even a salary for it.

During the years UDI is involved also in the political debate about the reformation of the Family Law which in the 70's will change balancing the role of both parents in the family.

Soon after (in 1980) UDI fights against sexual violence against women be close to the victims during the processes and patron for a new law that would conceive sexual violence against women a crime against the person and not against the morality as it was before the reform of that law which will be promulgated only in 1996!.
So in our time UDI, chooses to become a Union for all women also the immigrant ones and changes its name into The Union of the Women in Italy and rebuilds its conception, detaching itself from a political belief and becoming a real territorial movement and not even more an institution.

Nowadays UDI is involved in few campaigns including eg "Staffetta UDI" (Relay by Women against Violence) a real tour around Italy in which everyday women with an amphora met other everyday women who could write their thoughts and put them in the amphora.
And "50E50" a law by popular initiative to ensure a real partecipation for the italian women in the political scenery (Italy is at the 52° place in the world for political representation).

UDI represents thus an important landmark for all the italian citizens whatever is their sex, gender or political belief.