Saturday, 1 December 2007

The report

On Saturday, 24 November, the national event against violence against women was held in Italy . The initiative began spontaneously on Internet and has increased consistently... in fact the organizers have counted 150.000,00 people in the procession. The response of women in favor of other women was higher than any expectation; they have expressed: solidarity with the women victims of violence, against security policies that underestimate this problem, which is becoming increasingly worrying, in fact violence against women is viewed as a simple problem of security. Unfortunately, some linne-guide of procession were not held by media and politicians and the reaction to this lack is what has found a place in the media about the entire manifestation, this has thus once again wasted an opportunity to give visibility in a constructive and right way as in Italy this phenomenon is increasingly alarming, as shown by the, unfortunately now daily, news of the so called "femminicidio"(massacre of women).
To give more strength to the movement on January 12 in Rome there will be a national assembly as a place of expression, meeting and report, useful and practical tool to give continuity to the movement with a real sharing of practices and paths.

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