Friday, 14 December 2007


A terrible family event happened next summer in Italy: a young pakistan girl named Hina was killed by her beloved: her father, her oncle and her brother in law. She was 21 years old and her fault was that one not to be a good Muslim; she wanted to dress in a western way, to marry an italian boy, she was too european, so her relatives thought to give her a lesson. All her family, her mother too, had planned the entire affair: while her mother with the other children were in Pakistan, the males of the family would have done giustice, so Hina was killed and buried in the garden, like everyone of us could do with one of our beloved pet.
For the first time in Italy, politics, pubblic opinion, and the society all, have realized that a problem with the immigrants was there. After some months later in which in Italy seamed to be only this issue in "agenda", nothing came new even after one year.
An answer to this terrible fact come now by a private association called ACMID (Moroccan women association) which has enable a free number for all arabic women in Italy victim of violence; this center answer in Arabic, Moroccan, French and English, and it is sponsorized by the Nando Peretti Foundation, a private foundation that support this iniziative called "No more alone", because it was not possible to find a public financing.
After Hina's murder one would hope a change in the immigration policies while untill nowadays nothing was made by istitutions, so the issue can be faced only by private, women again have to take care to other women, that's because, maybe our politics are too busy in other issues like scandals with transsexuals or prostitutes, having at home a sweet pregnant wife waiting for he, like every good wife should do.
All this make me think about a Geermain Greer's sentence: "We have no other choice but to turn and fight".

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