Friday, 7 March 2008

Not only Mimosa

For the women's day is coming out on cinemas a documentary by Alina Marazzi about the italian 60's and 70's feminist mouvement..

In Italy each day we hear about violence, frustration of women, every day one can find such a thing on newspapers or in tv. The violence against women is really spread out in Italy and becoming worrying day by day, in 2005 a murder every 4 happens at home, 70% of murdered are women. This movie is about our history because everyday life recalls us how difficult is to be a woman, as the director says: "In Italy, also on the street, one can't forget, even for a while, that you are a woman before be a person". In this documentary one can see the fight of that period for issues even nowadays on the italian agenda, we can see how the italian feminist mouvement has succeeded for all us but also how much is again to do.
"We want roses too" title due to the american workers of the XX century who stroke for bread but also for roses meaning a better quality of lifestyle for women and as the director says: "Maybe feminism has no urgency nowadays but there is again a lots of things to do, it happened a change in social costumes that we assume...maybe the necessary, the bread, is acquired but women fought also for a world in which there would be space for the poetry of roses and this is a current battle more than ever."

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